Formula 10 Hurry Up! Glue Dryer, 7.2 fl. oz.

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Dries nail glues instantly!
Works with liteless gels, silk linens, fiberglass wraps, tips and dip powders

General Directions:

1. Clean nails completely using pure acetone polish remover. Do not use non-acetone or oily polish removers.
2. Apply your favorite nail glue as smoothly as possible.
3. Hold "Hurry Up!" 3-5 inches away from the nail area. Spray lightly over the glue. Only a small amount is required. This will bond the glue 
instantly, leaving a glass-like finish. Now simply file lightly and buff.
4. If a second application of glue is desired, lightly buff before reapplying the second coat. A slight heating sensation may occur. Spray the finger with Isopropyl Alcoho until the heating sensation subsides.
5. Dry fingernail and cuticle area thoroughly before reapplying glue. Do not use "Hurry Up!" if glue is on cuticle or skin areas.